• Dec 05, 2016
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7 Simple Decor Updates

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These 7 simple updates can help transform a room from drab to fab. 

Home Decor Updates

1. If your furniture is all the same color, bring in a chair that's upholstered in a fun print to instantly liven up the look of a room.  

2. Add an area rug to better define a particular space, such as a small sitting area. 

3. Update your throw pillows. Create interest while maintaining cohesion, by utilizing different patterns within the same color family. 

4. Become an artist and create an eye-catching abstract painting. It truly is simple, and is an easy way to tie in colors within a room, or make a beautiful, bold statement. 

5. Create great lighting within a room by working an additional lamp into the design (or simply swapping out an older lamp for one that puts out better light). 

6. Add an accessory in a bold color. Poufs are everywhere in interiors right now, and are a great and inexpensive way in increase the seating capacity in a room. 

7. Whether you love the color of a room or you're dying to try something new, a fresh coat of paint can make a big difference within a room. 

1. Paradise Upholstered Arm Chair | 2. Mykonos Area Rug | 3. Ikate Medallion Throw Pillows | 4. Mod Floral Print On Canvas | 5. 3-Legged Floor Lamp | 6. Moroccan Leather Stuffed Pouf | 7. Benjamin Moore Aura Interior Paint

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